Elosophy offers a wide array of services. Our established infrastructure and strategic partnerships allows us to be able to offer a plethora of services. Our infrastructure has grown by acquiring resources through various projects that have allowed us to expand the services we offer. We operate as a clover organization - allowing us to keep the number of staffed employees on site dynamic to match peak volume hours as well as the overall demand of a specific project. We operate in this manner because we were founded on the premise of avoiding current industry standards - like subcontracting and dividing up your dream into multiple hands.


Elosophy is highly cost-effective in multiple ways: first, Elosophy has a global presence and can source the correct labor to keep project overhead low. Second, Elosophy has an expansive network of professionals that allows Elosophy to remain lean and staffed to meet the demand of our projects. This means your project will always be ABC calculated - this is not industry standard. Lastly, our internal division of labor is structured to guarantee that employees do work that directly relates to their respective core competencies. It ensures that our labor costs are optimized to their fullest extent.

Custom Software

Every project we complete is absolutely proprietary. We do not use templates, borrow source code from prior projects, or start from a semi-completed standard Application Programming Interface (API). This means that, at Elosophy, your project will be unique. This is our main differentiator. We believe unique problems require unique solutions. Because we understand that all of our clients will have distinct problems, we only craft custom software. Although this approach to software development is beneficial for our clients, it is still not a common industry practice.

Re-Iterative Process

We pride ourselves on providing open communication channels to all of our clients. You will have 24/7 access to your own personal project manager as well as frequent meetings to ensure that your project is progressing in the direction you want it to go. We understand that the software we create plays an integral role in our clients' businesses. We have a thorough communication process in order to ensure our software is a true solution to our clients' problems.

Mobile Development

  • iOS


    Our highly trained developers have mastered: Objective-C, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, C+ and multiple other languages. We have brought over 30 apps to the apple market.

  • Windows


    Our highly trained developers have mastered: Objective-C, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, C+ and multiple other languages. We have extensive experience in Windows APIs and can produce an application in as little as 6 weeks.

  • Android


    Our highly trained developers have mastered: Objective-C, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, C+ and multiple other languages. We have brought over 60 android apps into the market.

Software Development

  • Embedded Software and Internet of Things

    Embedded Software and Internet of Things

    New technologies are coming out frequently and software written to control machines or devices is becoming more and more important and innovative. Elosophy has the full capability to not only develop embedded software, but to also explore the internet of things (IoT) and allow your embedded software to collect and exchange data.

  • Data Volume

    Data Volume

    Every large business will experience Big Data issues. Having high volume data influxes in multiple databases can cause dissolution of the data as well as an uninformed employed body. By implementing a customized software that directs Big Data traffic, your business can streamline processes and reduce inefficiency's by up to 35%.

  • Client Relations

    Client Relations

    The majority of businesses struggle with keeping up to date with leads and the status of each lead as they progress towards a sale. By implementing a customized software that can manage leads as well as act as an open communication channel, you can control your leads' information. This provides businesses the ability to accurately track sales that have been done in addition to better projection on future sales.

  • Logistics


    Every business has practical complexities with their logistics calculations as well as being able to easily identify where inefficiencies lie in their business's processes. By implementing a customized software program that is tailored for statistical analysis of internal logistics and processes, your business can drastically improve processes throughout all aspects - specifically supply chain management.

  • Finance


    Most businesses are only able to achieve a good grasp on their forecasts, goals, and management of funds by allocating money to salaried employees or 3rd party firms to perform daily bookkeeping and financial management. By implementing a customized software program tailored to automatically manage funds, accurately forecast, and produce analytics on comparative performances, your business can increase savings while decreasing inefficiencies.

  • Manufacturing


    Manufacturing businesses allocate a great deal of resources towards management of processing and procurement of inventory. These duties are often performed by salaried employees, which can lead to several problems. Humans do not have the capability of identifying every inefficiency present with a given process. Therefore, the subsequent data analytics performed on that process will be inaccurate. By implementing a customized software program tailored to track patterns and reduce inefficiencies in the manufacturing process, your business can operate with a leaner model. This will directly cause a reduction in cost.

  • Human Resources

    Human Resource

    Businesses struggle with keeping track of raises, benefits, policies, and tracking the success of different policy implementations. With a customized software program tailored to track productivity, applications for new hires, scanning capabilities for recruiting, and automated benefits rollouts, your business can free up a lot of staff and time.

  • Database


    Businesses need data to understand their target market, their growth capacity, and performance. However, if a business is not able to access and manage this data, it is not useful. With a customized software program that is tailored to easily scrub data and prepare documents and can determine and streamline the proper business decision faster than any human can, your business can capitalize on the full potential of the data available to it.

  • Marketing


    While most businesses today understand the importance of content marketing on social media platforms, very few businesses are able to remain active on all of these platforms and therefore see little success from their efforts. By implementing a customized software that is tailored to actively post on all social media platforms as well as timed postings with blogs, identify hot keywords, and to streamline the content marketing process, your business can fully utilize its online presence.

  • Supply Chain

    Supply Chain

    Businesses that are consistently sourcing materials to craft products are constantly negotiating prices with multiple vendors and trying to secure reasonable price points that will not negatively affect their bottom-line. A customized software program that is tailored to produce forecasts allows your business to see an estimated ROI to strategically source supplies, find closer vendors to reduce shipping time and costs, and compare rates and distance to reduce inefficiencies in the entire supply chain.

Web Development

  • Website


    In today's market, a business needs a website to be considered credible. With our customized websites, your business can stand out amongst competitors as an industry leader. Subsequently, your business can foster a robust customer base due to a strong online presence.

  • Web Applications

    Web Applications

    Businesses struggle with having a website that is capable of gathering impactful data, increasing customer retention, and having an engaging user experience. With our customized applications, your business can store impactful data while providing a better user experience. The right web application will allow users to visit a site multiple times a day and allow push notifications to be sent through SMS and Emails - successfully enabling businesses to funnel new customers and old.

  • eCommerce


    Retailers have made a major shift to selling their products online. It is imperative for all retail businesses to have a quality eCommerce website if they wish to be viable competitors in today's marketplace. We have developed a multitude of eCommerce sites for our clients and are very proud of our work.

  • Upgrade/Update Current Product

    Upgrade/Update Current Product

    Do you still have a dated website? Contact us today to have your website optimized for all devices.

  • SEO


    Just as a quality brick and mortar location allows for high amounts of foot-traffic to be driven to your business, an online presence that is highly optimized for search engines allows digital foot-traffic to be driven to your business. Our team of experts are highly skilled in creating this optimization for your business.

  • Mobile Optimization

    Mobile Optimization

    Website visits from mobile browsers are growing faster than traditional browsers from desktops and laptops. It is essential that websites are highly optimized for mobile browsers. If it is not optimized for mobile devices, then mobile device users who visit your website could view your business as not credible. Our developers and designers specialize in optimizing websites for mobile devices and can seamlessly accomplish this for already existing websites.

Call Center Solutions

  • Inbound Call Center

    Inbound Call Center

    If your business has a large quantity of customer service or other inbound calls on a daily basis, you probably have an inbound call center. With our strategic partnerships, your customers can have access to 24 hour customer service. More importantly, you would no longer need your salaried employees in charge of taking incoming calls - saving you money and allowing you to utilize all of your employees towards other aspects of your business.

  • Outbound Call Center

    Outbound Call Center

    If one of the primary aspects of your business is cold-calling a large quantity of people, then you probably utilize an outbound call center. Our strategic partnerships can help your business reach a larger audience than your business would be able to reach alone. The cost of utilizing a call center through us is cheaper than salaried employees making the same amount of calls.

Cloud Hosting Services

  • QC Testing

    QC Testing

    It is important for any business to know that all of their software, from their website to their enterprise software, is able to handle a higher capacity of users. Unfortunately, most businesses lack both the infrastructure and expertise to be able to undergo quality control testing in-house. By utilizing our quality control testing services, you will be able to grow your business without being mitigated by various software glitches.

  • Security


    All businesses require the implementation of some form of security software. The problem with standardized security software is that it cannot possibly account for the various aspects of your specific business - rendering the software ineffective. By utilizing a security software customized specifically for your business, you will be completely assured that a breach of security will not occur because your source code will be iron-clad.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    Businesses today rely on the ability to digitally store and recall data. Most businesses would be in a state of turmoil if their server where they store their data crashed. By utilizing our cloud for data storage, your business can rest assured knowing that all data is backed up on our servers.

Business Development Services

  • Small Business Consulting

    Small Business Consulting

    Most entrepeneurs are overwhelmed by the numerous responsibilities required to start a new venture. Our network of professionals have a vast pool of diverse business experiences that can be a valuable resource to new business owners.

  • Logo Design

    Logo Design

    Consumers subconsciously transfer their feelings about a company's logo into the way they feel about the company as a whole. It is imperative that a logo perfectly encapsulates the respective business. Our team of designers have immense expertise in logo design and can give your business a phenomenal logo.

  • Data Entry

    Data Entry

    Businesses often require copious amounts of data to be entered into various systems in order to streamline processes. For the vast majority of businesses, it does not make financial sense to keep a salaried employee for only data entry purposes. By utilizing our data entry services, not only will your costs be significantly less, but the job will be done faster and without errors.